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The Sicilian Secret Diet

It’s time to improve healthspan deliciously!

Our Story

It is a guide to a lifestyle inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors and the flavor of their food. We are going to take you to a journey to Sicily, walk through her history, experience her passion and taste the simple and nutritious recipes created by her rich volcanic soil, her burning sun and her deep, clear sea waters. We will be sharing with you the scientific data that support the
evidence of that wisdom.

Sicily, “umbilicus mundi”, (belly button of the world) has been forever the protagonist of the history of humanity and a fierce protectionist of recipes that have been transmitted orally and in writing for many generations and over thousands of years.

My wife Sandra and I are physicians who believe that good nutrition is fundamental to improve the health span and the life span of our patients. Our daughter is a nutritionist, our son is a permaculture farmer and his wife is a physician who also treats her patients with nutrition and lifestyle change. 

Sicily is the home of many Centenaries. Centenarians are people that live to be over 100 years old and supercentenarians are those that live beyond 110 years of age. It is our deepest conviction, after caring for many patients and having studied the lifestyle and diets of Sicilian centenaries, that there is a way of eating and living that promotes health that is truly a better and more enjoyable way of experiencing life.

Diet & Nutrition Mission

Our mission is to inspire wellness by introducing our readers to the many and wonderful benefits of the Mediterranean Sicilian Secret Diet. As Physicians and healers, we have been committed to teaching our patients the benefits of food as medicine and with pride we have worked on writing a diet plan supported by science and 3000 years of healthy nutrition. Our 30 day diet plan focuses mostly on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and olive oil as primary fat; it encourages and supports a complete lifestyle change that is easily attainable that involves moderate exercise,a good night sleep and meaningful relationships that together provide the positive experience necessary to succeed in expanding health span.

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It is estimated that humans can live an average of an additional 25 quality years by simply improving lifestyle factors such as the quality of food, exercise, stress reduction and social networks. Healthspan is the number of quality disease-free years we live and lifespan is the actual number of years we live.

As nutritionally focused physicians we are bringing you the guide to a lifestyle inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors and the flavor of their food.

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IF WE TRULY WANT TO LIVE LONGER and well we have to follow a diet that is simple and emphasizes the consumption of a variety of high quality and mostly plant based foods.

Dr Sandra Campanile

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